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Online CPR certification and recertification
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Online CPR

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Online CPR and Renewal

AEDCPR (American AEDCPR Association) has been providing nationally accredited online certifications since 1999. We have a national network of CPR instructors. You can learn CPR, First-Aid and Bloodborne Pathogens at your location or online.

With AEDCPR, you can get certified online in Healthcare Provider CPR. All online CPR classes included AED and BLS. You can also take an Adult/Pediatric First-Aid class, Bloodborne Pathogens class or a combination course. AEDCPR can handle continuing education credits as well. All of our Online Certification courses include the Latest AHA/ECC or OSHA Guidelines.

Fast & Easy Online Certification

Get your CPR certification in minutes instead of hours with our fully accredited Online Courses. AEDCPR is the #1 provider of Online Safety Training Classes. Our classes are different. Our online courses, are the same high quality courses our instructors give in the classroom. Our online test is the same test you would take a classroom with a CPR instructor. We don't cut corners, this is a real course.

Accepted in all 50 states - 100% Money Back Guarantee

Online CPR Certification and CPR Renewals

Designed for the Professional Rescuer, Healthcare Providers, Emergency Response Teams, Doctors, Nurses, Safety Personnel, Police, Ambulance, Athletic Trainers, Airline Employees, Lifeguards or anyone who has a requirement for a CPR Certification card.

  • CPR Module
    • Adult CPR- 1 Rescuer
    • Adult CPR- 2 Rescuer
    • Child CPR
    • Infant CPR
  • AED Module
    • Adult AED
    • Child AED
    • Infant AED
  • FBAO Module (Foreign Body Airway Obstruction)
    • Adult Choking - Consious/Unconsious
    • Child Choking - Consious/Unconsious
    • Infant Choking - Consious/Unconsious

Learn CPR Online or in Class

With AEDCPR, you have the option of completing your CPR Certification Online, in a classroom or in a blended course. Blended classes start with our online CPR class followed by a live demonstration with an instructor. You can practice CPR and AED on a manikin.

The American AED/CPR Association online Healthcare Provider course is designed for the Emergency Medical Professionals, Healthcare Providers, Medical Doctors, Safety Personnel, Police, EMT, Physical Trainers, Flight Addendants, Life Guards or anyone who has a requirement for a CPR Certification card. The benefits of online CPR training include an easy learning format where you can learn CPR at your own pace, video demonstrations that you can replay as often as you like, clearly illustrated graphics and a more relaxed learning atmosphere. For over 20 years the American AED/CPR Association has been offering classes for schools, hospitals, state programs, coaches, personal trainers and anyone who is required to have a CPR/AED card or anyone who would just like to learn.

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